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Garden Maintenance

Garden Maintenance

Garden maintenance should be used as a service all year round.

Available weekly, fortnightly, or monthly all year long and fully customisable to suit your needs. All the following services are available as one-off visits or as part of regular Garden Maintenance.

If you would like us to something a little more frequent, we would be happy to talk to you about providing a weekly, twice weekly, or monthly visit. / We can spend a couple of hours a month doing your garden, or a couple of hours a week – it really is up to you.

We will work with you to develop a customised garden maintenance schedule that suits you and your gardens specific requirements, whether it is a one-off garden overhaul or fully managed maintenance schedule. We will listen to your exact requirements carefully and discuss all the possible options with you in detail, providing you with our professional advice. Not only that, but we always put our customers first and take great pride in our work and superior levels of customer service.

Garden Tidy-Ups/ One-off visit

We offer one-off visits to ensure your garden is always looking at its best, from small, simple jobs to a complete garden makeover. Perhaps freshen up of your garden to get it rid for the season, or to put it to bed for the winter. Maybe you just need a helping hand to get you on top of the weeding, whatever your requirements just give us a call.

Regular Garden Maintenance

If your garden demands more than you can spare then let us take care of it for you. We can tailor a maintenance programme to suit your needs with as many or little visits as you would like. Just let us know your requirements, from lawn mowing to hedge trimming and pruning we will ensure they are all carried out to the highest standard.

Grass cutting and Lawn care treatment

A lawn left to its own devices will soon become overgrown. At Snow White Gardeners, we are experts at repairing, restoring and caring for damaged lawns. If you are batting patchy, boggy, diseased or weed-infested turf, we can fix it for you.

We carry out all aspects of lawn care, from mowing and leaving beautiful stripes to scarifying your lawn and treating it for any unwanted pests. We will make sure your lawn is looking at its best at all times.

We also provide garden maintenance for commercial properties as well as residential.

Our team comes equipped with all the latest machinery and tools to ensure an effective and efficient service and all our employees are easily identified by Snow White Professionals uniforms.

Scarifying and Aeration

So that your lawn enters the winter phase well cared for, you need to scarify or aerate it again. By scarifying, you remove unwanted moss which has grown in summer. If moss and lawn thatch are removed, the lower parts of the grass receive more air and light again. The individual grass plants can then develop better. Fertilizer gets into the roots again and does not feed the moss and decomposing bacteria between the lawn thatch. In addition, scarifying helps combat weeds. However, scarifying should not be carried out to intensively, especially in autumn, as the grass growth slows down. Any gaps created by scarifying can then no longer close up. Frugal weed types may then in turn grow in these gaps.

Mow the lawn before scarifying. Set the scarifier so that the blades do not penetrate the soil too deeply but simply remove the top layer of lawn thatch. After scarifying, you can lime or fertilize if necessary. Where large gaps appear, you must re-sow in spring.

If you regard scarifying as too intensive for your lawn, you can also aerate it before winter. With aerating, steel spring comb the surface of the lawn without penetrating the soil too deeply. Unwanted moss and lawn thatch is thus removed. The lawn toots receive more air, water and nutrients again. In addition, the soil is slightly loosened, so that the grassroots can develop and spread better.

Lawn Moing by Snow White gardeners

Hedge ant Tree Trimming

Tree trimming and pruning encourages air circulations and helps prevent disease and damage from high winds. Trees are usually trimmed and pruned at the same time and helps to reduce the chance of tree overgrowth

All our work is undertaken by a professional, trained and qualified arborist to ensure trees remain strong and healthy.

Tree trimming if very important especially on mature trees. It is focused on maintaining a deliberate shape to a tree and frequently applies to shrubs and hedges. If it is not done correctly, permanent damage may be done to your trees.

Most importantly, tree trimming prevents disease and decay and can promote strong growth in younger trees, Tree trimming can also remove diseased or dangerous branches which can fall in stormy weather. Trimming of fruit trees can increase the quality and quantity of the corp.

Hedge trimming is also important for the above reasons and also gives your garden the extra special outsiders view appeal.

Professional Pruning

The pruning is usually done to promote good tree health and branch structure. Seasonal pruning is done either in the early spring or winter and certain species need to be pruned at specific times of the year. Not much pruning is required in the earlier years of life. Poor pruning can cause lasting damage to your trees. In short, the pruning can improve the look and health of a tree and is necessary in order to extend the life of the trees. Furthermore, pruning can help protect against storm damage and the risk of falling branches.

Large tree pruning or trimming may require climbing, cherry-pickers or chain-saw and should only be attempted by trained, qualified professionals. Therefore, you just need to give us a call on 02038747474 and speak to one of our friendly staff.

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Frequently asked questions

Q: Do I need to pay extra for green waste collection?

Our green waste collection cost is per jumbo bag, and it is not part of our hourly gardening services cost. \r\n

Q: How can I book gardening service with Snow White?

You can book via our booking form, via live chat, by email or over the phone. We advise that all bookings for general maintenance are made at least a few days in advance.

Our clients about us

Sarah Miles

I have been using Snow Whites for several years now for various different services. I highly recommend them. I find them good value, polite, turn up when they say they will, good quality work, they give good pragmatic advice on options for work if required and the whole team are really friendly. Definitely highly recommended!!

Thomas Bartle

We used Snow White Professionals to completely landscape and renovate every aspect of our garden. From levelling the ground to extending our patio, adding edging stones and outdoor lighting to installing premium artificial turf and a shed, every care and attention was taken.They did a brilliant job from start to finish and I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again in the future. Highly recommended.

Andy Whiting

Snow White Professionals have done several jobs for us, ranging from garden maintenance and installing fencing to blocking up an old doorway and making some bespoke shelving. The quality of every job have been excellent. Their staff all 5work hard; arrive at 8am and work through to late afternoon to get the job done. Unlike many companies, it's easy to get hold of the boss, they're always willing to quote even for small jobs, and the quotes arrive quickly. After trying a few other companies, with mixed results, we'll be sticking with Snow White.

Sophie Taieb

After a disappointing start of our business relationship, I can honestly say that Sonw white has done their best to fix the issue. I have just started to use their gardening service but am happy so far.

Rockstar Property Academy

We’ve worked with Snow White on several projects now and we’re always happy with the service. Daniel and Yana have become friends now, they recently took us out for dinner too! They’re an ethical family/friends -run business that always put the customer first. Don’t hesitate to work with Snow White, they’re a great company.

Tim Fletcher

Excellent gardening service. I will use them again. The job has done today was outstanding, very well organised, gardeners were friendly and professional. The best gardeners I have ever had. Highly recommend.

Ashley Fryer

We booked Snow White to clear a load of garden waste and to remove the remaining plants and roots. Their quote was very competitive and they were able to come the same week. They were quick on email and helpful with additional questions. We had three gardeners arrive and complete the work in just an hour! They were very professional and friendly and absolutely cracked on with it despite the hot weather. They left the garden very tidy too. We are thrilled with the result and will definitely keep them in mind for future gardening help! Before and after photos below! Thank you to the brilliant team for all the hard work.

Andrew Joyce

Fantastic service for both decorating and garden fencing. Highly professional. Would recommend.

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